RESTORE | The Postpartum Repair Program

Let’s face it, being postpartum is hard and unfortunately most women do it alone and that shouldn’t ever be the case.

The truth is, from the time the baby comes until 18-24 months later, your mind, your body and your life are going to be a little wonky and we know exactly what you are going through because we’ve literally LIVED THAT LIFE.

As health and fitness professionals with a decade of experience and more importantly as moms with two little kids each, who’ve had both natural and c-section deliveries, we were blown away at the lack of information, mis-information and general community support out there for health conscious women like us.

Instead of dreaming about the “REBOUND” we should be focused on restoring our bodies so that when the time comes… we are READY to take action without the fear or risk of the typical postpartum issues:

If you believe in the power of filling your own cup so that you can give to everyone else and you are ready to be carefully guided in repairing yourself postpartum then we can’t wait to see you inside the program!


  • A private community safe space for connection, deeper learning and support.

  • Pre-Learning Education Videos

  • 6 Weeks of Detailed Lessons on how to properly execute each exercise & stretch

  • 6 weeks of progressive postpartum workouts designed to rebuild your core so that you are able to safely get back to your fitness routine.

  • Testing, Measuring & Tracking progress protocols and guiding videos

  • 30-page ebook filled with:

  • Tracking progress protocol

  • Nutritional tips from a Registered Dietician on how to replenish your depleted vitamin & mineral storage.

  • 12 Recipes that will support your body during this period of new motherhood

  • A Postpartum Depression Quiz and a note on replenishing your mind postpartum.

  • Weekly Postpartum Mindset Prompts for your journal entries.

  • Our list of Highly Recommended books we love

  • Our list of Highly Recommended people to follow on social media to help with this season in life.

This program was deeply reviewed by our Team Of Experts including:

  • 2 Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialists

  • Physical Therapists

  • Pelvic Floor Specialist

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Registered Dietician


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